the Mediterranean gecko. They are everywhere on the planet that is warm enough to let them survive winter. Lizards are venomous i.e. This is a remarkable new discovery in the recent years as it can help scientists find out about the relationship between snakes and lizards. If you're talking about this guy: He's the common house gecko, a.k.a. The 2003 Disney movie “Holes” featured aggressive, venomous creatures called “yellow-spotted lizards.” No such animals exist. There are some 5000 different species of lizards worldwide and, until a few years ago, only two (the Gila Monster and the Mexican Beaded Lizard) were thought to be venomous. Although Mexican beaded lizards and Gila monsters do possess venom, neither lizard species looks or behaves like the creatures in the film. Gilas are endangered and protected by law, but humans who interfere may become endangered themselves. The Gila Monster is North America’s largest lizard at over 2 foot long, and is the only one that is venomous. they can inject venom into your bloodstream when they bite you. While typical pet lizards are kept in tabletop aquariums and fed crickets, monitor lizards grow much to large for such enclosures. Many lizards are considered menacing because of their seemingly expressionless faces combined with their claws and teeth, whereas turtles are thought of as slow-moving, docile creatures. We have about 20–30 geckos running around our home. However, there are very few lizards that are venomous mainly iguanas, Gila Lizard, and Mexican Beaded Lizards. Monitor Lizards are therefore not always the safest pets when forced to live with humans in captivity, and can be dangerous to own. They eat their weight in bugs every day. Scientists also believed that those two species had evolved venom production independently from snakes.