Definition of bon voyage in English: bon voyage. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. bon voyage is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as Used to express good wishes to someone about to set off on a journey. bon voyage synonyms, bon voyage pronunciation, bon voyage translation, ... bon viveur; bon viveur; bon viveur; bon voyage; Bon Voyage (film) Bon voyage bonus; Bon Voyage Bonuses; Bon', Brian; Bon, Cape; Bon-accord; Bon-Bon Blanco; Bon-Ton Stores Foundation; Bon-voyage … I love a sea voyage and a blustering tempest. Define bon voyage.

How to use bon voyage in a sentence. A long journey, especially by ship.

See more. bon voyage = शुभ यात्रा Pronunciation = bon voyage. bon voyage meaning in Hindi ... शुभ यात्रा. Pronunciation /ˌbän ˌvoiˈäZH/ /ˌbɑn ˌvɔɪˈɑʒ/ exclamation. Pronunciation /ˌbɒn vɔɪˈjɑːʒ/ /bɔn vwajaʒ/ exclamation. What does bon voyage mean? (Can we date this quote by J. Fletcher and provide title, author's full name, and other details?) Used to express good wishes to someone about to go on a journey. Voyage definition, a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place. Definition of bon-voyage exclamation in Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Meaning of bon voyage in English: bon voyage. Expression: Bon voyage Pronunciation: [bo(n) vwa yazh] Meaning: have a good trip Literal translation: good trip Register: normal Notes: The expression bon voyage is used in both French and English to say goodbye to travelers and wish them well. Bon voyage definition is - an expression of good wishes when someone leaves on a journey : goodbye —often used interjectionally.