Camera Obscura. Facing dangerous animals, crumbling architecture, and perilous pitfalls, can you reach the summit of the Tower, and perhaps, redemption?

The ability to copy and manipulate each level allows players to find many paths through the tower's 100 maps. The camera functions by recording images onto photographic film, however, the Camera Obscura found in the series is unique due to its ability to exorcise spirits. This portable lens was designed to snap onto blackout curtains or into some other window cover. In the game's story and most minigame modes, ghosts will appear in the player's environment, and will try to attack them. An ancient tower in a forgotten land. Spirit Camera utilizes the capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, which acts as the game's Camera Obscura, the signature "weapon" of the Fatal Frame series.

Camera Obscura uses an innovative "Afterimage" mechanic where you can copy the level architecture in order to span gaps, create staircases, and freeze moving platforms in place. The game uses the gyro sensors and 3D cameras to create a "visceral" gaming experience. A lone photographer on a desperate search.

Camera Obscura released in 2015 is a Adventure game published by Anteater Games EQ-Games developed by Anteater Games for the platforms PC (Microsoft Windows). But if you want to take your camera obscura game to brighter, more colorful heights, the Bonfoton Camera Obscura Room Lens is definitely worth a look. The Camera Obscura, known in Japanese as Shaeiki (射影機, roughly "shadow-shooting mechanism"), is the main device featured throughout the entire Fatal Frame series. Use the unique "afterimage" mechanic to … amera Obscura is an innovative puzzle-platformer illustrated with carefully crafted pixel graphics and set to a beautiful custom soundtrack.

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