The Channel catfish is very highly regarded for its food and sports value. I am wondering what the best size hook to catch 1lb to 10lb Channel, Flathead, or Blue Catfish. I usually use a 1/0 Gamakatsu baitholder hook with nightclawers or chicken livers. ADULT SIZE: 15 to 24 in (380 to 610 mm). In aquariums and fish farms, people keep these fish in large tanks and ponds with plenty of space to grow. Spawning begins in May and continues for several months, for we have collected gravid females as late as August. This fin on the channel catfish has a rounded margin and 24 to 29 soft rays, while on the blue catfish the free margin is straight and rays number 30 or more. The more catfish competing for food, the smaller the pond and the less food, the smaller the catfish.
Channel Catfish We offer two varieties of Channel Catfish including: Regular (Up to 2-Inch or 4+ Inch) Albino (Up to 2-Inch or 4+ Inch) Channel Catfish c an survive in temperatures ranging from j ust above freezing to 100˚ F; optimal temperatures range from 75˚ - 86˚ F. To learn more about Channel Catfish… They may even starve until they reach a balance in numbers where they can survive. Catfish: Channel, blue, their hybrids & subspecies Daily Bag: 25 in any combination Minimum Length: 12 inches. The Channel catfish is most abundant in the central part of U.S. and southern states. The authors found that channel catfish consumed more feed (46–68 percent) and converted the feed more efficiently (11 percent) when fed EOD to satiety compared with fish fed daily, regardless of fish size. We have collected species in conditions ranging from slow to moderate currents over sand, gravel, and silt and around submerged trees and aquatic vegetation. In ponds larger than one-half acre without fish, where channel catfish is not the focal species but one of several sport fish species, typically small fingerling channel catfish and bream species (e.g., bluegill, redear sunfish or hybrid sunfish) initially are stocked at approximately 100 and 500 per acre, respectively, during late summer or early fall. They reach quite large sizes, and eat just about anything that is small enough to fit in their mouth. When it comes to feeding catfishes, there’s no one-size-fits all feed; there’s a lot of variations and factors to be considered depending on the size of your fishes. Ive seen the pictures of the huge ones caught by fisherman, but assume this is unlikely for the aquarium. However, net production was reduced by 16 percent when the fish were fed EOD. I was wondering the average AQUARIUM size and tanksize for this fish.

Then depending on bass goals, 40 to 100 small fingerling largemouth … Does the Channel Catfish Make a Good Pet. STATE RECORD: a list of the State Record Freshwater Fish. Duane Guest. It is fun to see the vacuum like mouth sweeping the top of the water to get their food.

CJ21 , … The similarities between the two can make it difficult to tell them apart, but, with experience, a fisherman will be able to identify them both with a quick glance. Illustration: Channel catfish. One and two acre farm ponds should have fewer than 50 catfish unless you feed them daily. Channel catfish inhabit rivers, reservoirs, small to large streams, backwaters, swamps, and oxbow lakes. They were 6 inches when I purchased them. DISTRIBUTION: Needless to say, you adjust the size of the hook depending on the fish and bait. The distinctive Channel catfish can often be recognized at a glance by its deeply forked tail and spots on the body. For larger blue catfish, you may need to use hooks as large as size 10/0. If you want bigger fish, either feed them or reduce their numbers. Similar to the Blue Cats, Albino Channel Catfish can rapidly grow to a size of 30″ inches or larger in a garden pond. Catfish will also learn to eat floating fish pellet that other pond fish eat.
It is highly abundant in the deeper waters of impoundments and large streams with moderately clear bottoms of sand, gravel or boulders and sometimes silt, if the rate of deposition is low. The pectoral spine has well-developed serrae on the posterior edge. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Feb 6, 2006 #1 . ... Catfish as Table Fare - what is best size for keeping and eating Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Duane, Feb 6, 2006. The average size of the fish in the resivore are around 20 in. No, you wouldn’t want to keep this fish as a pet. Channel catfish are known for a specific look and a size as are blue catfish. Medium-sized channel catfish are usually caught with size 5/0 or 6/0 circle hooks. Channel Catfish Care. Channel Catfish are found in many types of habitats from ponds, lakes and reservoirs to rivers, oxbows and bayous. Albino catfish great for pond fish! I don't know about channel cats, but catfish that I had in my koi pond tripled in size in two years. Otherwise their growth will be stunted. The United States Catfish Association Forum and Community. Theres a freshwater Resivore about 20 minutes from my house thats full of channel cats. Relatives of the Blue Channel Catfish.