It is a myth.

“Coyotes have been documented in at least 430 municipalities from all 21 counties since 1939,” said Andrew Burnett, NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Biologist. Coyotes adjust well to their surroundings and can survive on whatever food is available. Coyote Hunting in NJ Beginning today, a special night hunting season on coyotes will begin in New Jersey.

But the name coywolf is a new one tagged onto the hybrid animal that is the eastern coyote. Amanda Hasler Biological Science Technician, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services 2325 South Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ 07076 (908) 654-9343 About Eastern Coyotes (Canis latrans) Coyotes were first reported… Two Fisher cats at 3am my dogs were alerted.

Coyotes adjust well to their surroundings and can survive on whatever food is available.

In New Jersey, adult coyotes range in weight from 20-50 lbs.

3.1 Census 2010. Coyotes have been reported in 430 municipalities in all 21 counties in the state. Over thirty years New Jersey's coyote population has grown exponentially, from less than 100 to an estimated 3,000 animals. New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has had only 5,400 reports of coyote sightings in the past 25 years, with Mercer County being the 5th lowest county for coyote reports. Somerset is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) located within Franklin Township, in Somerset County, New Jersey, United States. and exceptionally large ones may be up to 55 lbs. If you have heard that New Jersey has coywolves living here, it's true. There are no coyotes in NJ. SPOTSWOOD, NJ - The Spotswood Police Department is advising residents of a coyote sighting in the borough. Somerset housed one of the first Marconi Wireless Stations in the United States. They also consume carrion (decaying tissue).

3.2 Census 2000. SOMERSET, NJ - Police released the name of a local man as the homicide victim discovered last week in a wooded area on Park Street, according to a news release. I had been missing my Maine Coon Cat for 3 weeks,a saavy hunter and wise cat. >>>>> IN NEW JERSEY <<<<< Debbie Weisman says: October 13, 2009 at 9:12 pm In Somerset County, NJ.

New Jersey Community on Alert After Reported Coyote Attack on Pet Dog No people have been threatened by the coyotes, police say Published April 29, 2014 • … From Jan. 1 to Feb. 15, 2015, there were 203 coyotes hunted or trapped in New Jersey. They, just like the NJ devil, were all devoured and driven to extinction by the exploding mountain lion population. A pack of coyotes descended on a dog walker in a New Jersey community Thursday, prompting police to warn residents about leaving pets and small children unattended outside. Recent genetic research has attributed the eastern coyote's larger size and color variations to interbreeding with Canadian gray wolves. They are tolerant of human activities and rapidly adapt to changes … In northern New Jersey, the most concentrated populations have been found in Sussex county and the western halves of Passaic, Morris and Warren counties. They prey on rabbits, mice, birds and other small animals, as well as young and weakened deer. The species is not a "coy" (as in shy) wolf, but a hybrid that is mostly coyote. by their presence.

Hunters have been allowed to use rifles to shoot coyotes during daylight hours since November, but by obtaining a special permit, hunters are able to shoot coyotes at night during the season that continues until mid-March.