I Will Survive by Diana Ross Even though this song is hinting more towards romance, I think it fits Rainsford. He tried his best to get him. It's a dangerous game ! He didn't want [Lucy]

The King's Academy, WPB, FL 163,404 views "Dangerous Game" (song), 1981 single by British Christian trio Network 3 "Dangerous Game", 3 Doors Down song from the album Away from the Sun "Dangerous Game", Kylie Minogue song … At the touch of your hand-At the sound of your voice-At the moment your eyes meet mine-I am losing my mind-I am losing control-Fighting feelings I can't define ! No one speaks-Not one word-But what words are in our eyes (Alternately) Silence speaks-Loud and clear-All the words we (don't) want to hear ! The single was produced by Cliff Richard. Zaroff is doing his best to catch Rainsford. No matter how difficult Zaroff, he still tried his best and ended up winning. "Dangerous Game" (Paul Field /Dave Cooke) "Come Go With Me" (CE Quick)

" Dangerous Game " was the second and last of the singles released by the British Christian trio Network 3. Jekyll & Hyde Live- Dangerous Game (Act II- Scene 3a) - Duration: 5:00.