The main difference between them consists in the fact that the rifle bore has grooves, while the shotgun bore is smooth. The word "rifle" originally referred to the grooving, and a rifle was called a "rifled gun." In the United States and elsewhere around the world, these weapons are likely to only be found on a battlefield [source: Violence Policy Center]. They belong to two different categories of firearms.
This characteristic determines other noticeable differences between them. In other words, it has spiral grooves cut into the bore to impart spin to the projectile. In summary Gun is a general term that is used to refer to most firearms including rifles but can be used as a military term for artillery guns such as those on tanks, anti air and naval.

As nouns the difference between rifle and shotgun is that rifle is a long firearm firing a single projectile, usually with a rifled barrel to improve accuracy while shotgun is a gun which fires loads consisting of small metal balls, called shot, from a cartridge. For the most part the word 'gun' is a simple, easy catch all term for any firearm. In most cases you can get away with calling any weapon that fires bullets a gun.

It has to have grooved barrel which spin the bullet when it is going down the barrel. For instance, the rifling of the bore helps the bullet travel faster.

The main difference between them consists in the fact that the rifle bore has grooves, while the shotgun bore is smooth. In the years since the invention of firearms, they have become the main weapons used by man in warfare which results in the formation of modern armies. These are almost always smooth bore, since the steel BB is a loose fit in the barrel. Gun control arguments often focus on the black rifles, but the differences between those and any other semi-automatic rifle often are only cosmetic.

One day, my father and I were at Sports Authority and I talked him into wandering over to the gun section. One of the major differences that can be noticed is that while shotguns come with a smooth bore, rifles comes with spiral bores or rifling, as the name itself indicates. The difference is in the caliber they fire. Survival Gun: Air Rifle versus .22 Rifle.

The only substantial difference was .30-06 was more susceptible to wind drift at long range, though it’s worth nothing that he loaded a heavier grain weight projectile (Sierra Match King) for .30-06. The invention and development of firearms started in Ancient China with the discovery of gunpowder. Pistols belong to the handgun category, and rifles belong to the long gun category. A gun is a projectile weapon that has a hollow, tubular barrel, which is closed off at one end. Salazar found no practical difference in accuracy between .308 and .30-06, when loaded with quality bullets and fired through a quality rifle. Rifle is a long barrel gun shot off the shoulder. The difference between the bullets is mainly in the weight (grain) with the 22 long rifle being heavier and longer compared to the 22 short and 22 long. Firearms are weapons that cast bullets, missiles, or shells that contain a burning propellant such as gunpowder at a high velocity.
A machine gun is a military weapon capable of fully automatic fire. Both pistols and rifles are types of gun which shoot projectiles called bullets. Some BB guns shoot only BB's. "Automatic rifle" is a broad term that also can be understood to mean any semi-auto rifle or full-fledged assault rifle and it has been so used over the last 90 years. This characteristic determines other noticeable differences between them. The AR-15 rifle, or ArmaLite Rifle-15, was developed by Eugene Stoner as a potential military firearm. The real difference between a BB gun and an air "rifle" is that the barrel on an air rifle is "rifled". A “long gun” is a somewhat nebulous term to describe shoulder-fired weapons that are “longish”. I was about 10 years old when my father bought me my first air rifle. It doesn’t. • Pistol is a handgun while rifle is a long gun. • The barrel of the pistol is small, and it cannot fire a shot accurately to a long distance, whereas the barrel of the rifle is long, and it can shoot with accuracy over long distances. Unlike ARs, not as many components of a bolt gun can be swapped or added to the rifle. The classic beauty of a traditional bolt gun can be hard to beat.