Earth. The camera movements and the angles are also of great significance. The negative of Earth was destroyed by the Germans during World War II, but a copy of the original release print fortunately survived. All Quiet on the Western Front, American war film, released in 1930 and set during World War I, that is regarded as one of the most effective antiwar movies ever made. ... Earth is the final film in Alexander Dovzhenko’s Ukraine trilogy and is considered his masterpiece. After Earth premiered in Russia, Dovzhenko brought the film to Paris and Berlin, and under the title Soil , it opened in New York during the fall of 1930. It won great praise in the United States but was banned in several other countries, including Germany , because of its pacifist message. Share your story with the world. The motnage has a very organic rhythm, each sequence has time to breathe and atmosphere is more important than plot. 10 Amazing Google Earth Add-Ons ... 120 of which he has used to create a fascinating layer of maps that shows how the world looked between 1680 and 1930. Earth (Zemlya) is a film directed by Aleksandr Dovzhenko with Stepan Shkurat, Semyon Svashenko, Yuliya Solntseva, Yelena Maksimova, .... Year: 1930. Earth. 1930 ‘Земля’ ... A few glimpses of poetry and visionary visual storytelling in an otherwise badly aged propaganda film which plot can be summarized as "A tractor arrives. Original title: Zemlya. Make use of Google Earth's detailed globe by tilting the map to save a perfect 3D view or diving into Street View for a 360 experience. Chaos ensues". ... and plot them in Google Earth… Synopsis: Dovzhenko's "film poem" style brings to life the collective experience of life for the Ukranian proles, examining natural cycles through his epic montage. Earth (1930) This impressionistic silent Russian film follows the trials and tribulations of farmers on a collective who come into conflict with more affluent "kulak" landowners.