Stick to a nightly bedtime routine. Your toddler is not going to crash out of exhaustion either. Doing these things every night will help your body know when bedtime is approaching. If you have a dog, start making a habit of walking him before bed. Art therapy. Today I am sharing some calming, organizing, and alerting activities for children. Relaxation Techniques For Sleep. Learn about our editorial process. It makes little sense to work your child into a state of excitement right before bed. Get into a comfortable position in bed. She won't suddenly drop off as a defense against overstimulation. Your child is no longer a baby. Read a book. a board-certified physician. 2950 shares. The habit of a light walk, especially if you're with a family member ( cough , your dog) can be incredibly soothing, Lebby tells me. Calming Activities To Help Children Prepare For Sleep. Discover calming ideas and strategies to help make bedtime go smoother with your toddler. Brandon Peters, MD. 6 Ways to Relax Before Bedtime and Improve Sleep Ease insomnia and transition to sleep with calming activities. 4. Play soft tunes for your child at any point during the day, but typically before naps, bed times, or when you’re trying to calm them down. Stretch your body. Develop a relaxing routine that you perform every night 15-30 minutes before you go to bed. It would be great if you could switch off your mind as easily as the bedside light. Article by Parenting Expert to Mom. Close your eyes and relax. A frustrated child may not be able to express his or her needs or feelings verbally, and drawing can be a great way to destress. By. I have some favorite Spotify playlists we use like Baby Sleep or Sleep, Baby Sleep which get my daughter so drowsy when I need her to take a nap. But sometimes we need a little help to transition into sleep mode. Children, in particular, those with special needs, often need many breaks throughout their school day to help them focus, stay on track, or calm in order to self-regulate. Take a warm bath. Toddler Bedtime Toddler Books Toddler Preschool Toddler Activities Toddler Routine Chart Chore Chart Kids Chore Charts Self Help Skills Calming Activities. 1. Medically reviewed by. This is highly individual—find what works best for you by trying a few choices. In choosing the elements of a bedtime routine for your toddler, choose activities that are quiet and calming. Listen to relaxing music. Begin to visualize a scene, memory, or story that you find calming. Updated on February 11, 2020. What are the best calming activities for toddlers before bed? Do you sometimes struggle to fall asleep because your mind is overwhelmed by an endless stream of thoughts and worries? Brandon Peters, MD. Updated: February 7, 2020 By Ethan Green . It may even be helpful to play it while they’re trying to focus on an activity or task. facebook; twitter; Brandon Peters, MD, is a board-certified neurologist and sleep medicine specialist. If you are in a public school environment, sitting at a desk all day can be a challenge.