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Shakey Graves tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including built to roam, roll the bones, bullys lament, the donor blues, late july All albums made by Shakey Graves with reviews and song lyrics. We'll call it heaven but it's hell on earth Lucky us she's a curse Well babe it's building 'til it's bound to burst I can't forget I've been the best of your worst We'll call it heaven but it's hell on earth Lucky us she's a curse You don't know Yeah you don't know Yeah you don't know just what you've been Well you sure look a lot like him Lyrics to 'Hardwired' by Metallica. His music combines blues, folk, and rock and roll. Well water was wine Back on blue Mountain Time While I watched your lovin' expire While I laid close

Wired Lyrics: God knows you're all I think about / And God knows it's sad but it's true / God knows that time hasn't healed a thing / I'm living like I'm hung on a noose / God knows that I'm Shakey Graves - Family and Genus Lyrics. Shakey Graves (born Alejandro Rose-Garcia on June 4, 1987) is an American Americana musician from Austin, Texas. In the name of desperation In the name of wretched pain In the name of all creation Gone insane Esmé Patterson), Family and Genus and whatever else you want! Shakey Graves - Hardwired My first tab but I think it should be pretty accurate. Shakey Graves - Hard Wired şarkı sözü.

Rose-Garcia received his stage name at Old Settler's Music Festival in 2007 after he and his friends jokingly gave each other Native American guide names over a campfire. Unlimited free Shakey Graves music - Click to play Dearly Departed (feat. If, If I, If I ever wander on by Could, Could you, Flag me down and beg me to Drop what I'm doing and sit beside you So did, Did they ditch