The champion who comes into Odin’s dwelling [Valhalla] does not lament his death.
Follow/Fav Old Viking War Prayer: In the halls of Valhalla. In the halls of Valhalla Where the brave may live forever!" To the lower Hall of Valhalla, to the heroes of no renown, Relieved from his spell at the listening post, came Rifleman Joseph Brown. Lo, they do call me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of Valhalla, where the brave may live forever." I shall not enter his hall with words of fear upon my lips. Their stories are gone lost in histories depths, to never be heard again except as tales from the old. HOW RIFLEMAN BROWN CAME TO VALHALLA by Gilbert Frankau. By: LuLuDucky.

# Bladestorm. But try as you may to find such valor now, It just doesn't exist in the world today. Heroes are myth, The Æsir will welcome me. According to the Old Norse poem Grímnismál (“The Song of the Hooded One”), the roof of the “gold-bright” Valhalla is made of shields, and has spears for its rafters. With never a rent in his khaki, nor smear of blood on his face, Not too sure how many have read this poem, it is long, but truly worth the read. Don’t forget to check our awesome Authentic Viking product: The Dísir summon me home, those whom Odin sends for me [Valkyries] from the halls of the Lord of Hosts. Valhalla - Where the brave shall live forever; BLOG.
27 Nov. Valhalla - Where the brave shall live forever. Death comes without lamenting… Eager am I to depart. This orginaly came to my attention from the 13th Warrior, so I did not write it, but I thought I would share it. “Walhall” by Emil Doepler (c. 1905) Valhalla (pronounced “val-HALL-uh”; Old Norse Valhöll, “the hall of the fallen” [1]) is the hall where the god Odin houses the dead whom he deems worthy of dwelling with him. Many brave warriors chanted such a prayer before battles that raged In times untold. Also some one has informed me that it is in many other sources and is diffrent each time, this is …