The Universe is Expanding One of the interesting things about the universe is that it is currently expanding. The universe carried on expanding and cooling, but at a fraction of the initial rate. I’m not an expert, but my understanding is that the metric of space is changing for a reason that is not presently known. The Incredible Expanding/Shrinking Universe. I know the Observable Universe (OU) is Expanding, and I think this is (by now) beyond dispute. One famous analogy to explain the expanding universe is imagining the universe like a loaf of raisin bread dough. The Universe may only be around 14 billion years old, but the observable Universe is around 93 billion light-years across (so we can see ~46.5bn light-years in each direction). The part of the universe of which we have knowledge is called the observable universe, the region around Earth from which light has had time to reach us. In 1929 Edwin Hubble announced that he had measured the speed of galaxies at different distances from us, and had discovered that the farther they were, the faster they were receding. Isn’t the expansion of the universe to be understood as an expansion of space itself, which is the reason for increased travel speed on the edges of the observable university? Many alternative explanations could explain this one observable fact; the Big Bang is … Either the Universe is infinite, going on forever, or its finite, with a limited volume. actual universe is bounded by the edge of the observable universe. In Big Bang cosmology, the observable universe is what, in theory, can be seen from Earth.That is light, or other signals, which has had time to reach the Earth since the beginning of the cosmological expansion. The definition of the Universe is that it contains everything. The short answer is that this is a nonsense question, the Universe isn't expanding into anything, it's just expanding. $\begingroup$ Ben, the sticking point (just personally for me) is referring to an observable universe. Technically, neither space nor objects in space move. We cannot know for sure what lies beyond the enclave our instruments can detect. Here's how we know the Universe isn't expanding differently in different directions. The universe carried on expanding and cooling, but at a fraction of the initial rate. Perhaps the Universe as a Whole (UAW) is not expanding at all. The observable universe is a somewhat different story. But this does not mean that Earth is the center of the universe. The expanding universe is a complicated place.