This Is What Driving In 100 Different Racing Games Looks Like!! Midnight Club: LA Remix – Save Games PSP. Date Added: Sat. Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Game Saves. Downloads: 333. Images ; Videos; Board; PSP Game Save Directory (ZIP) (North America) Save Game File: 11/04/08: masta_414: 355K: 100% in LA and TOKYO(A LOT OF MONEY TO SPEND) Save … More. 2004 - 2019 - Duration: 12:09. Board. Home. Summary; Release Data; Game Credits; Also Playing; Collection Stats; Q&A; Cheats; Saves; Reviews. Home. Related Forum: PlayStation Forum. Don Joewon Song Recommended for you Last Updated: Wed. Feb 05, 2020. Q&A. Submitted By: 5th. Feb 25, 2012. Download Name: Midnight Club: LA Remix PSP Save 100% . Reader Reviews; Critic Reviews; Media. Share: Item description: 100% LA 100% TOKYO All Cars Unlocked. File Type: (Zip file) Comments: 2. Views: 18,669. File Size: 719.72 KB. same as I, the save data appeared in the Saved Data Utility but when i tried to load it in the game the savedata become corrupted data, but when i go back to HOME i look at the save data utility the savedata still shows midnight club LA remix save data, strange