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The Mon Calamari were a bipedal, amphibious species with high-domed heads, webbed hands and large, goggle-like eyes.

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Rebel Mystery Ship: Kyprin Renegade. EC Henry. Generally large enough to be considered a capital ship but smaller than a frigate, corvettes filled a variety of roles that ranged from picket duty within large fleets to system defense and convoy escort. Designed as a general purpose corvette (the ship is technically a frigate by the Anaxes War College system, but only barely) the MCv features respectable firepower and speed, … Space Battleship. EC Henry.

Mon Calamari Corvette.

I Mon Calamari erano una specie senziente che abitava il pianeta Mon Calamari. They were typically small, fast, maneuverable and relatively lightly-armed.

OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION Image Credit: EC Henry Intent: To create a ship worthy of EC Henry's great work.

The corvette was a class of warship.

These immense vessels were a startling contrast to the dagger-shaped Imperial-class Star Destroyers, which were favored by the Imperial Fleet. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. DESCRIPTION A legacy Mon Calamari design updated for the current generation, the MCv110 is unusually small for a MCS vessel, but is well made and versatile as befitting the stellar reputation of the shipyard.

Porsche … This model brings a forgotten canon design back to life! Rebel Transport Ship. The MC12 Interceptor Corvette is a very effective design, able to combat starfighters, corvettes and larger ships thanks to the turbolasers and it's designed to be a Corvette Killer and it excels in that role, small fast, durable and heavily armed for it's size, it works greatly well with MC20 Assault Corvettes as well as the MC20 Ion Frigates and other Mon Calamari Cruisers The Asteron.

Mon Calamari Corvette. Mon Calamari male and female. EC Henry. In addition to being webbed, the Mon Calamari hand presented three suction-cup like holes on its palm, and featured five claw-tipped fingers: one opposable thumb, two long middle fingers, and two very short outer fingers. The MC80 Star Cruisers, more commonly known as Mon Calamari star cruisers, were capital ships used by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. I Mon Calamari erano simili a pesci umanoidi con la testa a cupola, le mani palmate e dotate di 3 ventose, e gli occhi grandi e laterali, capaci di muoversi in modo indipendente l'uno dall'altro. EC Henry. EC Henry. EC Henry . Based on an obscure background ship from Return of the Jedi. MC20 Corvette Production information Manufacturer Mon Calamari Shipyards Product line Corvette Model MC20 Class Escort/Assault Corvette Cost 10,000,000 Credits Technical specifications Length 275 Meters Width 45 Meters Height/depth 55 Meters MGLT 80 MGLT Engine unit(s) 4 Engine Units Hyperdrive rating Class .6 Shielding 1,400 SBD1,600 SBD (backup shielding Hull 1,200 RU … Martellus Battleship. Rebel Gunship. EC Henry.


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Mon Calamari Corvette.