Release Date: 1972-07-12.
That's the gimmick of "Now You See Him. A chemistry student invents a spray that makes its wearer invisible. When brainy college student Dexter Reilly (Kurt Russell) develops a formula that makes objects - and people - disappear, he finds himself on the run from a gang of crooks in Disney's wild college comedy. Audience Reviews for Now You See Him, Now You Don't Aug 10, 2009 A comical story about a college attempting to make a scientific break through finance another year of there school. With Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero, Joe Flynn, Jim Backus. 65,000+ classic movies and TV shows on DVD, Blu-ray and VHS. Walt Disney—at least his thriving production unit—has finally met "The Invisible Man." Now You See Him, Now You Don't.

Now You Don't" and the children ate it …

And then we pass these savings on to you! A crook finds out about it, and plans to steal it for himself. Directed by Robert Butler.