i know ill feel like an idiot after i hear but i really need help!!! In Flower Fields, I am really stuck! Flower Fields; Toad Town Tunnels Drops: N/A Level: 19 HP: 5 Attack(s): Spikeball Shot (4) Defense: 3 This is a Spiny, a spiked, armored enemy.

i've tried everything and seriously i have been trying for a year now and almost gave up. Crazee Dayzees make their first appearance outside of the Yoshi series in Paper Mario, where they first appear as enemies in Flower Fields. Question for Paper Mario. how do you get past that hedge maze in flower fields? For Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I solve the blocks puzzle in flower flieds ? Forever Forest is a dark and maligned wood east of Toad Town in Paper Mario. Mario and his party use FP to perform special moves. They attack Mario on sight and often fight alongside Bzzaps!

". thanks! When you get to the end of the maze you'll have to fight some Lakitu's. Flower Points are a stat in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and the first two Paper Mario games, and are similar to Magic Points or Mana Points in other role-playing games such as Final Fantasy. Hope this helped. Hi. After defeating them, you'll have to navigate the maze. You'll have to appease the Blue Flower with a Blue Berry to get past the gate. Each path is closed off by tree stumps with long, linear branches acting as turnstiles. Paper Mario . I'm new here. Answer Save.


Paper Mario Finding Rosie. I have gone to Merlin and he said that I have to talk to Posie for that Crystal thingy. ". Crazee Dayzees in the Paper Mario series all have lavander petals and purple feet. Paper Mario series .

Close . Now go back to the hub and take the western path. When you arrive at the hedge maze, you'll have to fight two lakitus. All she said was that "You are my soil buddy," or something like that. How do you get past the maze in the flower land one?, Paper Mario Questions and answers, Nintendo 64. I am in Flower Fields I just defeated the 3 lakitus and the yellow mag.. Add your answerAnswers . You'll get a Flower Saver Badge for your trouble! Only specific pathways can be used to traverse the forest, as any deviation will lead back to the entrance. I tryed that,but it didn't work! paper mario 64 question? For Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I get past the hedge maze in the Flower Fields? and Ruff Puffs.