The breed can have either a rough or smooth coat. Its rough coat requires combing every week and shaping by stripping once every three months. In 1898, the breed was admitted to the English Stud Book, and clubs formed to develop the breed.

This breed recognized by AKC-( American Kennel Club - in 1910, are primarily Affenpinscher ("Monkey Dog" winner of 2014 National Dog Show for Toy Group & Brussels Griffon was Third ) - Link to Show: But those with a Rough coat require clipping and trimming every few months.

There are two different kinds of Brussels Griffons; the traditional Brussels Griffon has a wiry coat, while Petit Brabancons have a smoother coat. However, this does require care if you want to avoid your pooch having some rather smelly facial hair. The affectionate, charming and curious personality of the Brussels Griffon makes it a good companion dog. What ended up was a short faced, large eyed, big doomed headed dog that appeared to have the expression of a frown. Brussels Griffons with a smooth coat are easy to care for! BRUSSELS GRIFFON/AKC from Belgium, nicknamed "Griffs" are classified in the TOY Group.

Its rough coat requires combing every week and shaping by stripping once every three months. Brussels Griffon Coats The Brussels Griffon may sport one of two coats, rough or smooth, but within these two categories one sees a wide range of variation in texture and quality. See more ideas about Brussels griffon, Dogs and Griffon dog. The smooth coat is rather glossy with hair that is flat and close to the body from head to tail. There are two coat varieties for the Brussels Griffon. Brussels Griffon Breeders. However, this breed is not typical of the “pampered pet” stereotype of Toy breeds. In temperament, Brussels Griffons are full of self-importance, and their carriage reflects this attitude. For the smooth-coated variety, grooming is minimal, comprising only occasional brushing to get rid of dead hair. “Monkey face” is one of the Brussels Griffon’s common nicknames.

The second variety is the smooth-coated, which is the opposite being glossy, straight and short. Looking first at the rough coat, one may find the extremely hard coat, or the “fluffy” softer coat, and the entire spectrum in between.

The present day Brussels Griffon was perfected in the 1870-1880s. Their active indoor lifestyle and small size makes them ideal for apartment life, but they still need to be taken for daily walks. In America, these dogs are all considered one breed—the Brussels Griffon. If your dog is of the rough coat variety, you may want to keep it in the schnauzer clip to avoid the need for stripping. The smooth Brussels Griffon is also known as the Brabancon in Europe, named for the Belgian anthem “La Brabanconne”. The rough coat Brussels Griffon tend to sport a trademark beard which is another attractive characteristic of this breed. Even though the Brussels Griffon cannot live outdoors, it likes to spend sufficient time in the yard. See more ideas about Brussels griffon, Griffon dog and Dogs. Smooth Coat.

Another notable trait of this petite breed are their ears. His hair falls out in fall and spring, like many other breeds.

The smooth coat Brussels griffon requires little more than routine grooming with brushing twice a week, but you can expect some shedding. He is a rough coat, he has a shorter coat and should have a shorter beard.

Aug 28, 2014 - Explore kangahroo's board "GRIFFONS - (Petit Brabancon- smooth coated)", followed by 111 people on Pinterest. This breed has good bone for its size.

However, Europeans separate the dog into into three different breeds according to their coat color and consistencies: Petit Brabancons make up the smooth-coated variety, Griffons Belge have rough coats of any color other than red or fawn, and what they call Brussels Griffons possesses red/fawn rough coats.

Reaching back into their 17th century beginnings in Belgium, the small Brussels Griffon was bred to rid stables of vermin, just as many small breeds were back in the day.

The first coat being rough-coated which consists of harsh, dense, and wiry hair. Brush him every week and he should be just fine.