Motion sickness? While GTX960 works for Oculus, it's in interlaced mode and not really good enough for SN.). Subnautica - Subnautica is an underwater adventure game set on an alien ocean planet. I checked into it a long time ago and thought it was too gaudy/cartoony with the graphics, it looked a bit like a bodged and rushed game. 2.

4. The mouse cursor should not be hidden behind interface elements anymore. That allows you to play with your friends over the internet, or locally over a LAN connection. Also, just because we don't intend to buy the game doesn't mean we're angry. Brand new to the game, so here's my experience getting it to work with the HTC Vive... Well I had a look around on the Steam Summer Sale to find some more potential HTC Vive games and Subnautica was on there. Fixed the issue where the player body would show up in front of the head position. You have crash landed on an alien ocean world, and now you must rely on your own wits and advanced computer systems to survive on a hostile planet.

This mod adds features to improve the VR experience in Subnautica. Nitrox is a mod for Subnautica that opens the game up to multiplayer. Wondering if that is people's experience here as well. Discover vast ocean habitats, scavenge for resources, construct various tools, document undiscovered life forms, and find a way home. Over at Reddit a lot of people seem to be reporting frame rate issues and nausea. Originally posted by NewZJ: the epic version of subnautica stores the savegames in \AppData\LocalLow\Unknown Worlds\Subnautica\Subnautica\SavedGames. The mod has been released and is in a working state, however is still being continually updated to fix bugs and add improvements. Subnautica by Unknown Worlds is a game that first started experimenting with VR support about two years ago and has been in Early Access for a very, very long time on Steam. Is frame rate/stuttering an issue? Make sure you actually have a VR ready video card (such as GTX970 and up. Etc? If it doesn't, it may be good, but it definitely won't be as good as it could be.

Here you go I typed "epic save location" into the Search Discussions box and hit Enter for you.
How is Subnautica in VR? Your issue has probably been mentioned before a few hundred times. The unknown depths await you in Subnautica. 3. Subnautica obviously wouldn't work with that type of movement scheme, so the only solution I've found is to just keep playing until you can handle it. The Seaglide position is now more consistent. It's not about opinion here: VR enhances immersion, and Subnautica is all about immersion, so it should use VR.

Turn off Theatre Mode in Subnautica game properties in Steam and ensure you have run the VR room setup. Subnautica is a first-person, open-world survival game. Are there any Rift owners here that can chime in with how this game really plays in VR? Panic Button Games, the studio responsible for the PSVR port of Electric Hat’s To The Top (2017), are working on bringing popular underwater survival game Subnautica (2018) to PlayStation 4. Most games designed specfically for VR opt for 'teleportation' based movement methods, and thought while not very fun or immsersive, do a good job at keeping you from feeling motion sick. A massive, open world full of wonder and peril awaits you!Dive Into a Vast Underwater WorldYou have crash-landed on an alien ocean world, and the only way to go is down.