Magic resist +25. Passive. Patch History . Recipe Sparring Gloves Negatron Cloak. Like Little Legend, they come in 3 tiers of increasing impact and style.
V10.9. First tier changes your Little Legend attack, second tier will also change your champions attacks, and last tier will add additional effects to the projectile. V10.6. Boom (Teamfight Tactics) Edit. This list shows all of the champions as they appear in Teamfight Tactics, along with their … Dodge chance +20%. Quicksilver (Teamfight Tactics) Edit. History Comments (2) Share.
Shield duration reduced to 10 seconds from 15. Can only equip one of this item. History Comments Share. Contents . The wearer is immune to crowd control effects for the first 10 seconds of combat. Teamfight Tactics wiki covering esports, tournaments, teams, players, champions, items, Little Legends, and more! Unique. Quicksilver. Boom are cosmetic items that modify the damage particles towards opponent Little Legends.