I will use the repository pattern with unit of work to implement a data layer for my demo application. I'm not sure if the way i'm using this is right or wrong, or what the common practice is. The following example touches on several debatable issues. Working with Dependency Injection in Web API. Unit of Work in Repository Pattern. Normally, a Web API is nothing but encapsulation of business logic, which is used by different clients to create … Then it shows how this pattern can be used with IoC and unit test.

... Unit of work/repository pattern with dependency injection advice. Explaining Entity Framework for Data Access. The Unit of Work pattern is used to group one or more operations (usually database CRUD operations) into a single transaction or “unit of work” so that all operations either pass or fail as one. ... Unit of work + repository pattern + dependency injection. Software Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professionals, academics, and students working within the systems development life cycle. Working with Repository Pattern in Web API Project. In the last 6 odd months, I've been making ASP.NET MVC applications that impliment the Unit O fWork pattern with the Repository Pattern. The Repository Pattern, Dependency Injection) I guess you could say they are connected in this way: a data repository is an example of an external dependency that your DI framework would typically inject into objects that need it. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 8 months ago. It is not the intent of this post to contribute to the debate, rather, as an academic or mental exercise to learn more about the patterns and issues. 1. This article discusses the usage of repository pattern with unit of work. Using Dependency Injection with my Winfor application is creating a large number of Repository Context's. Here’s my implementation of a Unit of Work and Repository pattern for ASP.NET MVC with Unity Dependency Injection. I am using EF6 code first to create a database with 3 tables: Team, Role and User. Details.