While Tomboys are also attractive to some, it is less. :) $1 $1Are you more of a tomboy, girly girl or in-between? Some women are girly girls from the start. Loving pink over blue and tea parties to forts. Somewhere in the middle is most likely best. As a adjective lesbian is (of a woman) homosexual; preferring female romantic or sexual partners. Girly girls as you call them, are attractive to some. a tomboy to me is someone who does not like tight fitted clothes,likes to hang out with boys and do things boy's like to do.But tom boys does have interest in boys, you may think they are gay by the way the act but most of the times their not. The Tomboy. Take this quiz and find out! Quizzes are open to anyone. Perhaps you are only leaning slightly towards one or the other? The Girly Girl vs. A tomboy is a girl who seems to like doing or wearing things typically associated with boys, and this is generally accepted until a certain age. This is quiz is geared towards girls but boys are welcome to take it too. :D I made one like this a long time ago but it didn't get many responses.

girly girl- the complete opposite, but some of them do like sports. Hey, ok first I am kinda a tomboy/ girly girl cause like my cousin said we do somethings girly and I like to run and I kinda Like to be in style but don’t care how I look.

As nouns the difference between tomboy and lesbian is that tomboy is a girl who behaves in a typically boyish manner while lesbian is a homosexual female, a woman who is sexually or romantically attracted to other women. In contrast to this is a “girly girl”, which can be described as a girl who typically conforms very comfortably to the “feminine style”, whether it is her feminine dress code or her “girly behavior”. As nouns the difference between tomboy and girlygirl is that tomboy is a girl who behaves in a typically boyish manner while girlygirl is a woman who behaves in a predominantly feminine manner (that is, who is not by any means a tomboy); a feminine woman. $1 $1Thanks for taking this quiz!