Mandy and Lip are an off-screen couple. Lip is trying to get his life back together after spending some time in rehab to deal with his alcoholism and getting kicked out of college. She is the mother of Lip's daughter, Katie. 46. In the episode Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, Karen explains that she lost her virginity when she was 13 years old, and has been sexually active ever since. He is a straight-A student with a 4.6 GPA. She was generally more law-abiding than the rest of her family, but was fiercely loyal to them and would often have a violent and abusive streak. (Or: On Ian's eighteenth birthday, Mandy and Lip take him to get his first legal tattoo at a tattoo parlor Mickey happens to work at. Karen Jackson is a former main character. Her mother Sheila became agoraphobic sometime during her childhood, which at times can negatively affect their relationship. 48. Yes, girl, make him get that education because he's too stubborn to do it himself. She is the only child of Sheila and Eddie Jackson. Can’t wait for him and Fiona to get together. Hellooooooooo, Mike. Phillip Ronan Gallagher, known as Lip, is a main character. The two of them (Emma Greenwell and Jeremy Allen) started dating in 2011 when Greenwell joined the cast as Jane Levy’s replacement. Lip, at the time they were together, was so bruised from his world falling apart with Karen that he was sort of ignorant to how much Mandy truly cared about him. He’s already so much more charming in one scene than Steve has been for three seasons. Both Mandy and Fiona were putting in the work to raise themselves up (something something bootstraps) while getting judgement cast at them from Lip despite him being in the process of drunkenly falling off the roof of his ivory tower. 47. Mandy working at a shitty diner. Mandy Maguire was the only daughter of the Maguires, Chatsworth's local crime family and the Gallagher Family's neighbours. Mandy Milkovich and Lip Gallagher, who play boyfriend and girlfriend on the show, are a real life couple as well.

He is the second-eldest Gallagher child and the most academic. While he possesses above average intelligence and excellent mechanical skills, he deliberately wastes time acting like the rest of the people in his town. But things turn a corner when Mickey leaves an imprint both on top of Ian's skin, and underneath. the roles are reversed. Strong parallels with the Lip-Fiona dynamic. Finally, Mandy does something I can get on board with in filling out Lip’s applications.