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Dan Blocker died in 1972 and was buried in a family plot in DeKalb, Texas. There is a "Dan Blocker Room" on the second floor of the O'Donnell Heritage Museum in O'Donnell, Texas, where he was reared. Television networks and Time magazine covered the funeral. The death of Dan Blocker was a blow from which Bonanza could not recover and the show was cancelled in January 1973. The common grave site is marked by a plain stone with the name "BLOCKER" engraved; three family members are buried beside him. The graves of Bonanza stars Lorne Greene and Michael Landon. Blocker was born in DeKalb in December 1928, but the physician who assisted in the process did not issue a birth certificate until March 1929, and it recorded his name as Bobby Don Blocker. The Death of Dan Blocker After 13 seasons of playing Hoss Cartwright, the easy-going, "gentle giant" brother on Bonanza , actor Dan Blocker died … Blocker’s funeral was the biggest event in DeKalb history. The simple tombstone and grave of Dan Blocker, better known as Hoss Cartwright on the Bonanza television series. De Kalb, Texas, Dan Blocker, Tombstone and Grave, Hoss Cartwright, photo.
In popular culture Edit Dan Blocker is buried in the Woodman Cemetery in his hometown of Dekalb, Texas. This tombstone is located in the Blocker family plot in Woodmen Cemetery, De Kalb, Texas in Bowie County in the north eastern corner of Texas. Dan Blocker's story begins and ends in DeKalb, in Bowie County, located in uppermost Northeastern Texas, though most of it played out in West Texas and in Hollywood.