I even traded that Rockruff from the girl at the Oceanna Pier , which has the ability, but every single Rockruff that comes from her never gets Own Tempo, I even used 10 Ability Capsules in the hope this would do it (then reset my game afterwards cuz I ain't wasting these) but it only shuffled between Keen Eye, Vital Spirit and Steadfast.. For evolving your Own Tempo Rockruff to a Dusk Lycanroc, you need to make sure that you are leveling up when the time on your 3DS is 5:00 PM … Would you guys consider making an own tempo rockruff catchable in the Goldenwood forest so we can potentially get dusk lycanroc early in the game? Unfortunately, only Spinda learns Thrash naturally and Smeargle can copy them; however, due to its low stats, it is most likely to faint before it succeeds. What would happen if I evolved an Own Tempo Rockruff … If a dusk lycanroc can breed to an own tempo rockruff, I can breed you one. Hidden Ability: Steadfast: Speed raises by one level every time the Pokémon flinches.

I Missed the Event Rockruff. This Pokémon has its own tempo, and that prevents it from becoming confused. Own Tempo (マイペース Mai Peesu) is an ability that prevents confusion. However, any of its offspring with the Ability Own Tempo will also be able to evolve into Dusk Lycancroc.

I expect its some combination of too late in the dev cycle for v12 and technically impossible, but … Abilities: Keen Eye - Vital Spirit - Steadfast (Hidden Ability) (Standard) - Own Tempo (Alternate Rockruff Only): Keen Eye: Opponent cannot lower this Pokémon’s accuracy.The Pokémon ignores evasion boosts of the opponent Vital Spirit: The Pokémon cannot be Asleep while having this ability. As a thanks for purchasing the game, players can obtain a free Own Tempo Rockruff from the Pokemon Company. This Pokemon is the special Rockruff that can evolve to the Dusk Lycanroc, normally not obtainable in game. This is useful if used with Thrash or Outrage as it prevents the side effects of those moves. This Rockruff and it's evolution Lycanroc can be bred, to obtain more Own Tempo Rockruff and Dusk Lycanroc. Other languages. If I breed a female Rockruff with a male Pokemon that has Own Tempo, will it give me the Own Tempo Rockruff?

This event was distributed to players, to commemorate the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. From my understanding, if you have one, you can simply breed it to get another. Neither this Pokemon nor its evolution can be traded to Pokemon Sun & Moon. As such, my Rockruff was lost forever. What now? ... A Subreddit dedicated to the Pokémon franchise as a whole, but mainly the 7th generation of core Pokemon games. Baby Basic Stage 1 Stage 2; Rockruff Lycanroc Level up, during the day, starting at level 25 Level up, during the night, starting at level 25 Sword / Shield. This Pokémon has its own tempo, and that prevents it from becoming confused. However, I picked a starter I ended up not liking, and reset, not thinking of the consequences. To obtain said Rockruff, all players must do is obtain the Wi-Fi Mystery Gift Event for it between November 17, 2017 and January 10, 2018. マイペース (My Pace) Pokémon with Own Tempo. Back when the own tempo Rockruff was available a few years back, I actually did get it. The Rockruff is of level 10 to 13 and in order to increase damage skill of Rockruff, you can give him Hard Stone which is found around the same area.