They are especially adapted for burrowing, with strong front legs equipped with long, well-developed claws. BADGERS Fred Lindzey Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, US Fish and Wildlife Service, University of Wyoming This Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Wildlife Damage Management, Internet Center for at DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln. It has been accepted for inclusion in The Handbook: Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage by an …

The states where badgers are most prevalent are Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. A person who holds a trapping license issued by NDOW is not required to obtain a hunting license to hunt coyotes, badgers, skunks, raccoons, weasels, ring-tailed cats or fur-bearing mammals.

Badgers are members of the weasel family and have the musky odor characteristic of this family. Misidentification can make distinguishing a public safety issue versus a harmless occurrence a little more difficult. Badger Mountain is directly west of the small town of Alamo in the great state of Nevada.

You can also visit our Animals of Nevada section to learn more … Badgers are active at night, remaining in dens during daylight hours, but are often seen at dawn or dusk.

It is rarely visited and sits east of the more popular area 51 viewing spot known as Tikaboo Peak. The southern portion is within the East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness.

The badger is an aggressive animal and has few natural enemies.

The Usual Suspects Wildlife Line Up. Bobcat Harvest Report Form. USGS  Badger Mountain SE The Badger Mountains is a mountain range in Washoe County, Nevada. Southern Region - Trap Visitation - Map. Therefore, badgers tend to be found in parts of the USA where such habitats are abundant, such as: the Great Basin Desert of Nevada, the badlands of South Dakota, the Columbia Basin of eastern WA state and the rolling grasslands of California. Furbearer Seasons and Limits.
The northern portion is within the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge. NAC - Trap Visitation.
But, what is it that makes for really good badger habitat?

The key is that it has to include large areas of abundant prey and relatively loose soils. There are reports of predation on badgers by golden eagle, coyote, cougar, and bobcat. Learning identifying features or characteristics of wildlife may help you determine if you are facing an urgent problem that needs immediate assistance or avoid unnecessary calls and worry.