The Falklands War explained On 2 April 1982, Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, a remote British colony in the South Atlantic. … As Major-General John Jeremy Moore, commander of the British land forces in the war, put it, “It was a very close-run thing.” Iraq and Afghanistan were essentially glorified police actions and Falklands was an intense, 100% conventional albeit short war between two nation states that brought relatively high casualties on both sides. The Falklands War is looked back on by many as a foregone conclusion.

The story that followed was one of a shameful defeat and ignominious surrender. To the First World War index . Britain defended the islands and won the war. The SBS were the first ground troops to be incerted back into the Falklands following the invasion and a small team were included on the first SSN submarine HMS Spartan (S105) which has been dispatched to the Falklands two days before the Argentine invasion.

On April 2, 1982, Argentine forces landed in the Falklands… Falklands War Timeline Timeline Description: The Falklands War (April-June 1982) was a short war between Argentina and Britain. The next battle in the First World War is the Battle of the Dogger Bank. The UK, which had ruled the islands for nearly 150 years (though Argentina had long claimed sovereignty), quickly chose to fight: Britain's Navy sailed south to retake the Falklands. British losses were 255 killed, 777 wounded, plus 3 Falkland Islanders were killed.
Just sixty Royal Marines stood in the way of an armada of thousands, 8,000 miles from home and with no support. A story which has lasted for 35 years. British Army Documentaries 250,856 views The Invasion of the Falkland Islands (Spanish: invasión de las Islas Malvinas), code-named Operation Rosario, was a military operation launched by Argentine forces on 2 April 1982, to capture the Falkland Islands, and served as a catalyst for the subsequent Falklands War.The Argentines mounted amphibious landings and the invasion ended with the surrender of Falkland Government House Here, British soldiers disembark at a jetty at San Carlos Bay in June 1982 Argentine losses are stated as 649 killed, but this is a known lie. The First Casualty - "The #1 Edition" - April 2nd 1982 - the day that the Falklands War erupted. But this war between Argentina and Britain could have gone either way.

Lasting only ten weeks, and it resulted in a clear British victory. Argentina invaded the British-controlled Falkland Islands, located off the coast of Argentina. The previous battle in the First World War is the Battle of Coronel. The official roll of honour for the war for The Falklands Isles in 1982 where 255 British Army, Navy and Royal Air Force members lost their lives. Fought in 1982, the Falklands War was the result of the Argentine invasion of the British-owned Falkland Islands.Located in the South Atlantic, Argentina had long claimed these islands as part of its territory. The Falklands War – The Land Battle Part 3 – The Final Battle - Duration: 56:40. The Falklands War began shortly after the Marines successfully guarded South Georgia. SBS Falklands War. Falklands can’t really be compared to either Iraq or Afghanistan from either a military or a political standpoint.