The debit card is issued by Sutton Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard® International Incorporated. Neither Robinhood Financial LLC nor any of its affiliates are banks. Would I? No. Safe? banking > link account.

As you can image, Robinhood operates under plenty of regulation and protection. You can sleep easy, knowing that your money is safe. If you can deposit $25,000, or $100 a month, CIT bank offers a 2.25 percent interest rate. Your funds on Robinhood are protected up to $500,000 for securities and $250,000 for cash claims. Like, if Robinhood gets hacked, my bank username and password are … This is standard information that is required any time you open a brokerage account. It is really embarrassing to see how these apps(robinhood, mint etc) are taking it lightly and asking the banking credentials on their portal. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your bank to help you. Robinhood Crypto is not a member of FINRA or SIPC. If you decide to link your bank account, monitor your account activity on a regular basis. But remember, Robinhood is not subject to the scrutiny as a bank. Cryptocurrency trading is offered through an account with Robinhood Crypto. Is Robin Hood Safe Conclusion Overall, Robinhood allows stock traders of all skill sets to trade fee and commission free. I don't feel safe / trust doing that. I am trying to get started with Robinhood, and to add money and start investing, looks like I need to link a bank account. But with their other sources of revenue (listed in detail on their website), they also have to shave off some features. Limiting the number of apps you use can also help—you shouldn't share your account information with more companies than you … However, for doing so it outright asks for my bank's username/password ? Online bank My Savings Direct has a savings account with a 2.4 percent annual return. Robinhood is a reliable e-broker, and they have no fees, which may be why you are considering them. After you click the referral link, you’ll be asked to provide some basic information (e.g., name, address, Social Security, date of birth, etc.). If you are looking for an easy way to break into the stock market, or are a savvy investor who is tired of paying high fees for your trades, then give this broker a try. Yes. If there's suspicious activity, change your passwords and report the transactions to both the bank and third-party service. You will also be prompted to link a bank account to your new Robinhood account. I just did this last week and right after my account was approved, linking bank account option was on the front page where the watch list is. Unless you have Robinhood Instant, it’ll take about 3 days for your money to transfer from your bank account to the Robinhood app.